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Monday, April 14, 2014

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By Jesal Pankhania

Find The Best Wedding Photographer In 6 Steps

Anyone with a decent camera is a photographer nowadays!  So how do you go about choosing the best one for your wedding?  Below are some tips and some advice to help you.

1. Build a list  

The first thing you should do is compile a list of photographers using every possible resource, such as:


2. Check their website

Once you have your list, start by visiting the photographer's website.  Most wedding photographers now have online galleries where they showcase their work.  This should also give you an idea of how much experience the photographer has and may even include prices.

No website?  Maybe they're new? Or maybe they're just too busy taking pretty pictures!


3. Narrow down

Once you've had a look at their online portfolio, use that to help you narrow down your list.  You may find that you're drawn to a particular style of photography.  You'll hear photographers use words like reportage, contemporary and modern.  Basically don't let all that confuse you.  You either like their style or you don't.

4. Give them a call

With your narrowed down list in hand, start calling the photographers to arrange meetings, which they are always happy to arrange.

5. Ask Questions  

Once you're at the meeting, the photographer will usually have just as many questions as you, so it's a good idea to have your own questions written down.


6. Clear Direction

I believe this last point is the most important. Once the day is's going back.  If you have particular pictures/angles in mind - tell the photographer.  

Ideally you will have an itinerary.  Make sure the photographer gets a copy of this and let them know about any detail that they may need to be ready for.  Remember, they're not mind readers, so make sure you communicate.

Hopefully the advice above will help you find the perfect wedding photographer, who will snap the most beautiful pictures of your special day.  All the best for your big day!

P.S Once you've found a good photographer please Wedcommend them!

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