Our site users are only interested in the best wedding suppliers and service providers.  People looking for genuine business that provides a quality service are the only ones that will be found on Wedcommend.


All members are asked to declare certain information as a requirement, which will feature on their profiles.  This is to show our site users that the businesses featured on Wedcommend are long-standing and trustworthy.

Online Exposure

In addition to dedicated optimisation of the whole site, each profile will also be optimised in order to drive traffic to all pages.

Reputation Management

Even though you’re the best in the business, we can’t always keep everyone happy.  If one of your dissatisfied customers decides to vent their frustration it will most likely be via social media or right here on Wedcommend.  Being a member gives you the opportunity to respond quickly to resolve any issues and prevent any lasting damage to your excellent reputation.

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